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Mr. Shankar Sahaneye

Mr. Shankar Sahaney

Legendry Pop Singer

Mr. Shankar Sahaney

Shankar Sahaney is one of the best folk and pop singers in the music industry. He has major experience in Sufi, Bollywood and Retro music. With the experience of thousands of national n international stage shows. Would be sharing his expertise on live performance and is a Jury member.
Ms. Karishma Chabaria

Ms. Karishma Chabaria

Mrs. India (World), Pageant Coach, Soft Skill Trainer

Ms. Karishma Chabaria

Karishma Chabaria won Mrs. India World Wide in 2017, Lady of Brilliancy India 2018. An international public and a corporate speaker. She is the best pageant coach, corporate trainer, influencer, writer and blogger. This dynamic pageant coach is going to make you the best version of you till you own the crown of beauty pageant.
Mr Sharhaan Singh

Mr. Sharhaan Singh

Actor Uttaran Serial

Mr Sharhaan Singh

Sharhaan Singh is an Indian film actor, who has worked predominantly in bollywood. He's an upcoming Punjabi film actor. He has appeared in several TV shows like Uttaran and many more. His previous film to hit the theatre was Padmaavat. Who better than him could guide you the right path to enter the film/TV industry.

Ms. malika baig

Celebrity Choreographer, Dance Instructor

Ms malika baig

Malika Baig the Rising icon of India. An artistic director at OL THAT JAZZ. Has been trained in styles at an advance level including hip-hop, social dance forms. An artist at heart, dancer and choreographer. She would be encouraging and guiding all aspirants with amazing sessions on different forms of dance.

Mr. Aman verma

Music Composer, Lead Guitarist at the Band AHAM

Mr. Aman verma

Aman Verma is a lead guitarist at AHAM band and a music composer, be ready to record a song with him and may you get chance to perform with his band.
Ms Annu Marbaniang

Ms. Annu Marbaniang

Fitness Coach, Model, Gladrags Mrs. India

Ms. Annu-Marbaniang

She love being called a professional fitness trainer. A prominent fitness model . She's earned titles 'International RPM instructor at Les Mills, Master trainer at Zuu fitness programs. In terms of experience, she've been teaching RPM body, pump body compact, she will be sharing her fitness secrets and how to carry yourself on stage specially when you are on stage competition.
Ms. Manisha Arora

Ms. Manisha Arora

Fashion Stylist, Beauty Groomer, Socialite

Ms. Manisha Arora

Manisha Arora is a director at Saiish glamshack and a PRO make up artist, style consultant and beauty advisor at Saiish makeovers and has s passion of grooming. She will give you the best sessions on makeovers.
Ms. Namitaa Sachdeva

Ms. Namitaa Sachdeva

Keynote Speaker, Renowned TV ANCHOR

Ms. Namitaa Sachdeva

Namitaa Sachdeva is an upcoming name in the media industry, beauty with brain. With experience of over twelve years as TV and Stage anchor . She has played many roles in media including TV representer, pageant host, corporate shows Emcee and Actor. She believes that there is a journalist in every person but starts growing for the moment and realising their strength in any field. Be lucky to learn and trained with this dynamic personality.
Mr. Manish Anand

Mr. Manish Anand


Mr. Manish Anand

Manish Anand is a professional model, has done multiple print and TV commercials. With the experience of more than 20 years he will be sharing and guiding about modeling industry.
Ms. Shefali Chopra

Ms. Shefali Chopra

Tedx Speaker, Story Teller, Voice Modulation Coach
Shefali Chopra is one of the best TEDX speaker, a story teller and a motivational speaker. She's a theatre exponent. She believes in the power of story to get to the heart of the matter and to inspire people. Presenting yourself in front of camera or mic is all about your voice . Shefali really have some magical techniques to help you out with voice modulations .
Ms. Malaika baig

Ms. Sanchita Mukherji

Behaviour Analyst, Conversation Skills, Body Language Coach

Ms. Sanchita Mukherji

Sanchita Mukherjee is a behaviour analyst who specializes in communication skills. She's one of the experts in teaching time and stress management with motivation. She believes in effective feedback and team building. Her sessions could be life transforming if you don't miss them.
Mr. Raajeev nirnayak

Mr. Raajeev nirnayak

Life Coach, Author, Singer

Mr. Raajeev Nirnayak

Raajeev Nirnayak is a spiritual n life coach. An author, a theatre artist, song writer and singer has done music album with 'Saregama' music company and music videos. Will be with you sharing his expertise to give shape to your career .
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The word 'Struggle and Artist' has been a synonym for long, be it acting, modelling, fashion, anchoring, singing or dance. In India millions of talented people are not able to make their mark due to the lack of right guidance and rules of this industry ... Stage Ikcons is going to be a unique platform to accelerate your career by providing every support possible of this Era.

In the form of professional grooming, guiding, profile making, audition ready, genuine agencies contacts, event people, casting directors. Since Bollywood is known for its nepotism, exploitation and casting couch cases ..

We aim to provide them genuine and hassel free access to the industry as well as all the fields where artist will be provided high profile Digital Portfolio/Video with pan India promotion and guidlines for life time..

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